John Casor

America's First Legal Slave

This is Historical Fiction. All Rights Reserved 2018


Chapters 1 to 5


From Free to Slave to Free to Slave to Free to Slave and Love

The first ten chapters are read by the author. You get to meet John Casor.

Chapters 6 to 10

Chapters 11 to 15

Chapters 16 to 20

Chapters 21 to 25

Please note: I mis-named this book. I am working on a new title.

The Hood: History of Hate in America and How to Argue Against It.

By Mayumi Takadanobaba
June 26, 2018
The date the United States Supreme Court Ok'd the Muslim Ban. (horrifying)
ISBN-13: 978-1721997398 - ISBN-10: 1721997393
This is Historical Fiction. All Rights Reserved 2018

Trump Protest Art - Use this "art" free, just mention John Casor.


JOHN CASOR - First Legal American Slave - 1655

  • Chapter I: John Casor
  • Chapter 2: Ndongo, The Garden of Eden.
  • Chapter 3: The White Lion and More Cattle Ships
  • Chapter 4: John Rolfe and Pocahontas - 1609 and Cultivation of Tobacco
  • Chapter 5: Amy Johnson and the Family
  • Chapter 6: The Town, Bars and Parties
  • Chapter 7: John Casor is Born - 1848
  • Chapter 8: Casor Works Towards His Seven and Love
  • Chapter 9: Johnson Interacted with White Society
  • Chapter 10: Meet Colonel Robert Parker as We Heareth Him Say
  • Chapter 11: Casor's Luck Turns
  • Chapter 12: The Virginia Court House - Word for Word
  • Chapter 13: Be Careful of What You Wish For
  • Chapter 14: Casor and Amy Love and Rejoice
  • Chapter 15: 1 to 10 is as 1 to 30,000 in Virginia
  • Chapter 16: Mom's Racism is Born of Virginia Law as Her Only Protection
  • Chapter 17: Johnson and Parker Play a Game of Cards
  • Chapter 18: The Ending
  • Hole 19: Dangerous Art and anger that made me go off the net.
  • Chapter 20: Starting the 1700s in Hiding
  • Chapter 21: Prisoners Pack Virginia and the New World Order Slugs the Blackman into Bad Bondage
  • Chapter 21: 1800 to 1867 and the "End" of Slavery in America, Begrudgingly
  • Chapter 22: Lincoln and the Civil War, part II
  • Chapter 23: Free Blacks Transform America Powerfully

  • A Letter to my Father. Please renounce Trump. I miss you.

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    18 June 1452: Pope Nicholas V issues Dum Diversas, a bull authorising the Portuguese to reduce any non-Christians to the status of slaves.

    Aghast this writer thinks. The thumping on the bible to apologize for slavery is astonishing. It's birth is in the Virginia Law of 1661 establishing the belly as ownership.

    Of the belly comes ownership. These are the most dangerous words in the English language and is the spawn of white supremacy being taught and passed down by moms. A declaration of a white mom protected you from slavery.